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Christmas Craft - Wood Slice Ornaments

Written By slbs rmds on понедељак, 15. децембар 2014. | 15:46

What would Christmas be without making some beautiful Christmas tree ornaments? It’s a beautiful tradition that many people cherish and look forward to. Next to a fun activity, making your own ornaments is also a great way to make a wonderful item to bring out each and every Christmas to remember past celebration. A great way to both create such a wonderful keepsake and to make beautiful Christmas tree decorations is to choose one of these beautiful Christmas Craft: 3 DIY Wood Slice Ornaments. They are easy to make and they don’t cost much, but the result is so rewarding and beautiful, that they can be even given as a thoughtful Christmas present. The most essential items you will need to make this Christmas Craft are – obviously – wood slices. Those can be from white pine, birch or any other you find that will fit your needs. Wood slices can be bought from craft stores, but you can easily make your own if you want. Just choose a log and use a saw to make them. To use the wood slices, make sure they are completely dry, especially if you make your own. To do that, you can put them in the oven for a few hours at 200 °F. In each of the wood slices you will need to drill a small hole once you have decorated them, so a ribbon, twine or wire will fit through in order to hang them. Alternatively, you can use an eye screw which you will insert on top of the wood slice.

Painted Wood Slice Ornaments

To make some painted wood slice ornaments you will need:
Fine ink markers
Pencil (optional)
Paint style pens in holiday colors, like gold or silver etc.
Chalkboard paint (optional)
Spray sealer (optional)
Matte mod podge (optional)
Stencils / stamps (optional)
Fabric, beads, decorations (optional)
Twine or ribbon

If you want, paint a layer of matte mod podge before starting to paint on the wood slice, in order to prevent ink bleeding; just be sure to let it dry completely. You can now apply two layers of chalkboard paint or using a marker or a pencil, draw the design you want on one side of a wood slice. You can write a phrase or draw a holiday figure, like a snowman, stars or a reindeer. You can also use a cute stencil or even stamps to make a design. Use markers and paint style pens to complete your design. Glue on fabric to make scarfs or hats and other decorations to bring your creation to life. Pull ribbon or twine through the hole and tie the ends together. Lastly, you can use a sealer to protect the ornaments and let them dry. Once dried, they are ready to beautify your Christmas tree.

Decoupage wood slice ornaments

You can easily apply the decoupage technique on wood slices. Black and white photos are great for this, but you could also use some Christmassy images that you can print and cut out. Here is what you will need:
A photo or other printed image (use a laser printer for printing or make a copy on a photocopy machine)
Acrylic gel medium
Mod podge
Small brush
Pencil and scissors
Ribbon or twine
transfer wood slice ornaments
Use the decoupage technique to transfer any image to make wood slice ornaments
Image via: The Homesteady
To make it, cut out your photo or image so it fits on the wooden slice. You can trace it with a pencil for help. Note: If you want to transfer words or phrases, be sure to use a mirror image of the word or phrase, in order for it to be readable after the process. Now coat the photo or image with the gel and put it on the slice, face-down. Use a credit card to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles. Turn it over and let it dry paper side down for a few hours, even overnight. Once dry, use a wet piece of fabric and lightly damp the photo and rub the paper away with your fingers very carefully. Use a circular movement to do that and add some water if needed. The paper will slowly come off revealing the transferred image. Now, coat it with a layer of mod podge and let it dry. When totally dry, you can use a ribbon or twine for hanging.

Etched wood slice ornaments

To make these you will only need:
Etching tool
Ribbon or twine
Use the pencil to draw on the wood slices some simple items, like snowflakes, outline of a snowman or a tree or make even more complicated images if you can. Meaningful words are also wonderful. Now, having the drawing as your guide, use the etching tool to burn in the design. After that, all you have to do is to add a ribbon or twine to hang them.
etched wood slice ornaments
Etched wood slice ornaments are really easy to make
Image via: Design Mom
Choose any one of these beautiful Christmas Craft: 3 DIY Wood Slice Ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree, door knobs, and chandeliers or use them as wonderful, unique gift tags. They will add a rustic look and your personal touch in whatever way you’ll choose to use them.
                             Text and image via http://stagetecture.com/

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