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Green Technology Design Ideas for the Home

Written By slbs rmds on недеља, 07. децембар 2014. | 10:49

Green and smart home design continues to make its way to the forefront with innovative energy efficient and safety concepts in mind for consumers. So it is no surprise that as new technological advances in home design occur, that we would also have a desire to upgrade our homes with these concepts. Choosing to upgrade your home with smart and sustainable products can lead to cost savings and improved quality of life for you. Whether you are looking for energy savings or just looking for some smart updates to your home to help control the elements of daily living, these new products and concepts are great green technology designs you can use in your home

Green Technology Design Ideas for the Home

Programmable Thermostats

We are always looking for new ways to control our HVAC systems while away from our homes to save on the air conditioning costs today as they are continuing to rapidly rise especially in this hotter and colder months of the year. With programmable thermostats installed in your home, you can control your usage at the touch of a button and save yourself some money as well. Programmable thermostats can also help you by giving you feedback on where you are saving your money with usage versus not, helping you determine where you may want to adjust for future savings.

Smart Showers

Smart Showers today have a lot of options available to not only make your shower experience easy but also safe as the shower is one of the most common areas where you could hurt yourself through a slip, fall, or the water burning from being too hot. Some features that you could look forward to if choosing to place a smart shower in your home are digital controls for the temperature of the water and filters that automatically recycle used shower water. These types of features allow safety and comfort knowing you are reusing water after the filter cleans the used water. By automatically filtering and reusing the water, you are accomplishing an 80% energy and water savings.

Smart Toilets

As we know today, toilets are already moving towards energy efficiency through using less water for flushing, but what you could not imagine is that toilets are becoming more technologically advanced. Green technology design is moving forward with now bringing in more features such as automatic seats, heated seats, and even technology that will record and test your health. All of these combined would be a definite upgrade to the traditional toilets we see today and also continue to save in energy costs for the home.

Controlling Energy Usage

A convenient and easy way to control the energy output of your home is to choose to purchase smart power strips for your appliances to plug into as you can control the energy output while away from your house through your iPhone. Using your iPhone to save you money through energy savings and also save you in the event you forgot to turn something off before leaving the house. A lot of appliance plugs are located in awkward locations making it a pain to constantly strain yourself to unplug before leaving, but these power strips in combination with your iPhone provide you with the perfect solution.
As we continue to advance into smart and green home design, technologies will continue to improve creating more ways for us to save energy and create safer solutions for the home. If you find yourself looking for solutions to spending less in energy or even wanting to upgrade to a better option for your home and your lifestyle, choosing smart and green technology designs for the home is a start to moving in the right direction.
If you have implemented any new ideas for green technology design in your home, please share your thoughts on what products you have used.
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